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The faculty's research is carried out under the umbrella of the Groningen Centre for Law and Governance, in which all departments of the faculty are participating. Wherever possible teachers will use and involve this research in the courses that are being taught at the Bachelor's level Our LLB programme in International and European Law is specifically designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career in an international legal environment. It gives students an academic training in law without merely taking a national legal system as a starting point by offering students a general understanding of what 'law' is and how it functions. The focus is therefore mainly on teaching public international law and European Union law. The core aim is to give students an. When you complete your undergraduate education in professional law, you are awarded with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree. With additional accreditation, the LLB allows you to practice law in most countries around the world.In order to guide people in the right direction, systems of law and regulations are established

Our LLB program in International and European Law is specifically designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career in an international legal environment; it gives students an academic training in law without merely taking a national legal system as a starting point by offering students a general understanding of what 'law' is and how it functions. Why study this program in Groningen? The focus on European law and public international law is far greater than the focus on. Bachelor's degree programmes. Looking for an undergraduate programme at a top university in the Netherlands? With over 45 different Bachelor's programmes, some of which have several variants (tracks) the University of Groningen is the place to be. On this page you will find an overview of the programmes we have to offer

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The Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen offers several, one-year LLM programmes, all fully taught in English, and has the top rated LLMs in international law in the Netherlands (Keuzegids Higher Education Guide 2016 - 2019). The Faculty has existed ever since the founding of the university in 1614 and has a long standing tradition of legal and academic excellence. On top of this, Groningen is a very popular student city, providing a pleasant atmosphere in which to live and study The Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen is a modern, internationally oriented institution that has existed for nearly four centuries. Since it has the ambition to measure itself with the best law faculties in Europe, advanced systems of quality control have been implemented to continuously improve the Faculty's research and education. And although the Faculty has grown to become. Die Hanse Law School (kurz: HLS) ist ein gemeinsames Ausbildungsprojekt der Universitäten Oldenburg und Bremen, in enger Kooperation mit den Universitäten Groningen in den Niederlanden (und in naher Zukunft LeHavre in Frankreich). Die Grundidee der HLS ist, Recht europäisch zu denken

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Founded in 1614, the University of Groningen (UG), in the north of the Netherlands, is a globally-ranked top 100 university that delivers high quality education and research programmes to students from around the world. Our 9,000 strong international student community comes from over 120 countries and includes around 2,500 German nationals. The University offers many English-taught bachelor's degree programmes and over 150 English-taught master's programmes. Study fields include business and. Hi guys, I'm an international student planning to start a Bachelor of Law program in the Netherlands in September of 2021. I've been accepted to Tilburg, Maastricht and Groningen, but am unable to choose between the three. I know that Tilburg is ranked the highest for Law, whereas the other two are ranked higher overall. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little bit of pros and cons of all these cities/universities, a little bit about the student life and opportunities for. University of Groningen: Education and research. Our bachelor's and master's degrees are designed to encourage our students to think independently and develop their own opinions at an early stage in every programme. Active learning methods are not only more stimulating than the traditional lecturing style, but are also proven to help students develop their problem solving, critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, which are sought after by most employers. Students learn.

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The University of Groningen is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, founded in 1614 the university ranks amongst the top 100 universities in the world. We are a research intensive institution offering a wide range of highly regarded bachelor, master and PhD programs in all fields, completely in English. Currently we have a student body of 30,000 - almost 5,000 of which are international. We are proud to have won the prestigious International Student Satisfaction Excellence. Im Studium liest du viele Gesetzestexte und lernst, wie Gesetze ausgelegt und in verschiedenen Fällen angewendet werden. Du beschäftigst dich mit Gerichtsentscheiden und vollziehst die Entscheidungen von Anwälten, Verteidigern und Richtern nach. Zu Studienzwecken stellst du dich auf die verschiedenen Seiten der Rechtsprechung und erarbeitest Strafanzeigen, Plädoyers und Urteile. Dafür trainierst du deine Argumentationsfähigkeiten, indem du juristische Fachbegriffe im richtigen Kontext.

This programme stands out from other BA Law programmes taught at traditional law schools. Rather than receiving a typical training to become a lawyer at the Bar, students in this BA programme benefit from a more versatile approach to the curriculum, addressing legal issues from a more international and interdisciplinary perspective. Our law students work together on common projects with students who opted for another major, for example international affairs, allowing them to look. Die Universtiy of Groningen Faculty of Law reserviert je zwei EU Talent Grant Scholarships über 25 Prozent der Studiengebühren für Teilnehmer des LL.M. Day. Art der Förderung. Die Studiengebühren werden um 500 Euro reduziert, was einem Nachlass von etwa 25 Prozent entspricht. Hinweise zur Bewerbun Law MBA Healthcare 2 Physical Chemistry 2 Physical Properties of Materials 2 Quantum Chemistry Science Ethics and Society Year 3 Courses Bachelor project Laboratory Course Minor More course units, up to 60 ECTS each year Practicals Curriculum The Groningen science and engineering programs stand out for their academic excellence. The work pace in the first year is generally high and the. Groningen is a lively student-city with around 50,000 (international) students. It's no wonder then that the city's slogan is Nothing tops Groningen (in Dutch: Er gaat niets boven Groningen). The high student population in Groningen brings the average age of the town down to 36; this makes Groningen the youngest city in the Netherlands. With one in four people being a student. The European Law School bachelor's programme trains you to be a lawyer or jurist knowledgeable in spoken and written legal English and in the rules and legal instruments that form the international and European legal orders. It provides you with thorough knowledge of European and international law, various languages and different legal systems in Europe, and gives you an excellent basis to.

Bachelor (undergraduate) is a basic higher education. You can either learn to be a researcher (3 years) and then go for a master's degree, or a professional (4 years). Master (graduate) is the second level of higher education designed for bachelors who plan to become scientists. Duration is 1−2 years. PhD programmes are only offered by Research universities and last for 4 years. PhD degree. IRIO in Groningen is a bachelor program where international relations are not a specialization but core business. The main emphasis is on the functions of international organizations and the process leading to their creation. Attention is paid to research skills, language training, methodologies, historical context, and theory. Last but not least: in Groningen, you study IRIO with Dutch and international students! Program Year 1 The first year, the propaedeutic phase will consist of. Bachelor/Master students at the University of Groningen (RUG) Both the SSH and the tenant must conform to what is prescribed by the law. Moreover, the SSH and the tenant hereby make additional agreements through these terms & conditions. DEFINITION OF TERMS Article 0 0.1. Bachelor's Students: international students who have applied to enrol in the first year of a

Im September 2008 startete ich mein Studium im LL.M.-Programm Comparative and European Law der Hanse Law School. Dieses Kooperationsprojekt der Universitäten Oldenburg und Bremen sowie der niederländischen Rijksuniversiteit Groningen führt am Ende des einjährigen Masterprogramms zu einer deutschen und einer niederländischen Masterurkunde sowie zum Titel Master of Laws (LL.M.) The European Law School bachelor's programme combines courses on European and international law with courses on the legal systems of different EU member states. You will learn to look at society in a unique way and will delve into important social themes such as sustainability, migration, security and technology. In this challenging programme, you'll be trained in competencies for the. Check Out Law On eBay. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Law On eBay the level of their studies in Groningen - this means at least level B2 for bachelor level courses, and at least level C1 for master level courses. The Law Faculty/International Office reserves the right to deny admission into courses if the language level of exchange students might impede progress for other students in those courses University of Groningen; bachelor; International and European Law voltijd; International and European Law Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Deze opleiding. All states have laws and their own legal system, and in most countries you can only study national law at the university level. open_in_newstudy website. locatie Groningen: diploma LLB : type regulier, 180 EC: start 1 september: taal volledig.

LLB International and European Law at University of Groningen is a 3-year bachelor programme focusing on the fields of international politics, law and justice. All basic law areas including private law, constitutional law and criminal law, are covered. In addition, European Union Law and Public International Law are studied in depth within the context of the basic law fields InfoLine Studium +49 (0)441 798-2728. uol.de/dezernat3/infoservice. Servicezeiten. Montag bis Freitag 9.30 bis 16.30 Uhr. InfoDesk im SSC - derzeit geschlossen! Nettikette für Anfragen per E-Mail [pdf] Bitte halten Sie bei personenbezogenen Nachfragen Ihre Matrikel- oder Bewerbungsnummer griffbereit The institution is research intensive and offers a range of highly regarded bachelors, masters and PhD's in all fields, completely in English. International Admissions The university has a student body of 30,000, of which almost 5,000 are international students With a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) you are fully equip to kick-start your career as a legal professional. However, in most countries, a bachelor's degree alone will not make you eligible to enter the bar. If you want to become a lawyer (advocate, solicitor, barrister, etc.), usually extra country requirements will apply. In the Netherlands, for example, you will have to take a master's degree.

The European Law School bachelor's programme combines courses on European and international law with courses on the legal systems of different EU member states. You will learn to look at society in a unique way and will delve into important social themes such as sustainability, migration, security and technology Bachelor of Laws ️ Internationales Privatrecht und europäisches Einheitsrecht Master of Laws ️ Internationales Privatrecht und europäisches Einheitsrecht (deutsch-französischer Studiengang) Master of Laws Bachelor's programmes Bachelor's programmes. English-taught Bachelor's; Admission and Enrolment Admission and Enrolment. Admission requirements; Language requirements; Selection and Placement; Study Compatibility Check; Application Deadlines; Application procedure; Application & Progression; Enrolment as a Bachelor's student Enrolment as a Bachelor's studen • Bremer Koordinator des Studiengangs Hanse Law School (Bachelor- und Masterstudiengang im Europäischen und Vergleichenden Recht, zusammen mit den Universitäten Oldenburg und Groningen) • Prüfungsauschussvorsitzender (2013-2018) 2004 Ernennung zum Privatdozenten an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2002 - 2005 Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator des European Private Law. Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Artificial Intelligence. full time. $ 12,271 1st YEAR. FEES. 3 year s. Course Duration. Check Eligibility

This is an overview of the partner universities (Law Faculties) of the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen. For more information click on the institution of your choice. Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all information, there may be unintended errors (information may change from year to year) Consequently, if you are a law student, in addition to your degree, you will need an understanding of governance theories and social research methods before you commence with the degree. If you do not have prior knowledge in this area, you can acquire it by following our online, premaster programme offered between February and May. A successful completion of this programme provides you with. The University of Groningen is a public research university in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. The university was founded in 1614 and is the second-oldest university in the Netherlands. In 2014, the university celebrated its 400th anniversary. Currently, RUG is placed in the top 100 universities worldwide according to three international ranking tables. The university was ranked 65th in the world, according to Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2019. In April 2013. Bachelor's. Ready to study abroad and want to make the world a better place? Great! Wageningen University & Research offers bachelor's programmes in the domain of healthy food, agriculture and living environment. Wageningen is the number one university in the world in the field of Agricultural Sciences, Food Sciences & Technology and Environment & Ecology. Find out which bachelor's programme.

As for my average: I did a bachelor in Dutch law and was required to do a pre-LLM at Groningen before I could do the LLM, so I didn't need to have a certain average to enter the program. If I remember correctly, a 7 is required as a minimum but I do recommend you check this with the university as this is something that might have changed over time Studium in Groningen: Erfahrungsbericht Hier in Groningen lebe und studiere ich und möchte dich etwas teilhaben lassen an meinem Studium und Leben, meinen Erfahrungen mit den Holländern und Entdeckungen im Land der Grachten In the Bachelor's program in Liberal Arts and Sciences you will examine global issues using insights from a range of scientific disciplines, such as law, social sciences, history, culture, psychology, management and cognitive neuroscience. This interdisciplinary approach enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of complex global issues in contemporary society and to look for creative solutions Get ready for a new way of learning law. The Bachelor's program in Global Law combines insights from multiple legal systems. Go beyond the limits of one judicial system and consider solutions from other jurisdictions or from international law. You will gain academic depth and develop practical skills, which will help you to approach transnational conflicts from a global perspective and become. Here are the best resources to pass European Law (RGBEE50010) at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Find European Law (RGBEE50010) study guides, notes, assignments, and much more

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  1. A completed (related) degree from a University of Applied Sciences (HBO) plus a completed one-year transition program (SPO). The Master is also particularly suitable for students with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Psychology, History, Law, Religious Sciences/Theology or Philosophy. These students are asked to apply to the admission board. Language requirements Exam Minimum score C1 Advanced (Formerly CAE) C1 IELTS overall band 6.5 TOEFL paper-based 580 TOEFL computer-based 237 TOEFL.
  2. Admissions at the University of Groningen are offered in courses which are taught in English and Dutch language. The university offers 120 masters programs in English. Most of the bachelor's courses are also offered in English. The university offers bachelors and master degrees in fields like Engineering, Business, Law, Arts and Sciences
  3. With a spectrum of more than 180 degree programmes, the Heidelberg University offers an almost unique variety of subject combination options in Germany
  4. The education and research at the University of Groningen has a wide range; the university focuses on behaviour and society, law, medicine, health sciences, natural sciences, language and culture, economics, agriculture and engineering. The programmes are offered at several levels: Bachelor, Master and PhD
  5. The Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen is a modern, internationally oriented institution that has existed for nearly four centuries. As it measures itself amongst the best law faculties in Europe, advanced systems of quality control have been implemented to continuously improve the Faculty's research and education. Although the Faculty has grown to become one of the largest law faculties in the Netherlands, it has kept a friendly and informal atmosphere where good relations.

Einzig Common Law ist vor allem aufgrund des Fallrechts gewöhnungsbedürftig und sollte nur bei wirklichem Interesse an englischem Recht gewählt werden. V. Die Stadt Groningen liegt etwas abgelegen ganz im Nordosten der Niederlande und weist bei einer Einwohnerzahl von knapp 200.000 etwa ein Viertel Studenten auf. Die Stadt ist daher sehr jung und lebendig, (internationale) Studenten sind sehr willkommen. Die von einem Grachtenring umgebene Innenstadt ist nicht sehr groß, bietet aber an. Lana KANCHELI of University of Groningen, Groningen (RUG) | Contact Lana KANCHEL Bachelor International Marketing, Fontys Hogescholen Venlo 952, Bachelor Social Work, ganz oder teilweise auf Deutsch, Saxion Hogeschool Enschede 746 Bachelor Sozialpädagogik teilweise auf Deutsch, HS van Arnhem en Nijmegen 598 Bachelor International Business & Management Studies, Fontys Hogescholen Venlo 582 Bachelor International Business & Management Studies, Hanzehogeschool Groningen 547. Kontakt Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Wilhelmsplatz 1 (Aula) 37073 Göttingen Tel. 0551 39-

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  1. Groningen has a rich student life, in which students can become a member of numerous student associations. Need a place to stay? In Groningen, students live throughout the city and among the locals or 'Stadjers' as they call themselves. As such there is no campus or campus accommodation, but to help international students find housing, the University of Groningen cooperates with the.
  2. Bachelor/Master students at the University of Groningen (RUG) in a self-contained accommodation. Both the SSH and the tenant must conform to what is prescribed by the law. Moreover, the SSH and the tenant hereby make additional agreements through these terms & conditions. DEFINITION OF TERMS Article 0 0.1. Bachelor's Students: international students who have applied to enrol in the first year of a
  3. ors that are open for (almost) all Maastricht University bachelor's students. These
  4. Erasmus University Rotterdam offers high-quality bachelor programmes that result in an internationally-recognised Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA). Excellent students can enroll in honours programmes to further develop and nurture their talents. With the exception of double degree programmes, most bachelors are three years
  5. dann in dem Student Guest House Groningen gewohnt, welches ich dagegen sehr empfehlen kann. Studium der Gastuniversität: Das Studium an der RUG war sehr interessant und lehrreich. Grundsätzlich waren die Kurse als Vorlesungen konzipiert und teilweise wurden auch zusätzliche Working Groups angeboten, zu denen man sich rechtzeitig anmelden.
  6. Research universities. Research universities in the Netherlands are institutions of tertiary education that in Dutch are called universiteit.Their focus is towards academic education and scientific research. They are accredited to confer bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.Prior to the Bologna Process, the universities granted drs. (doctorandus), mr

Popular books for Law and Public Services . Constitutional Law in Context D. Brand, C. Gevers. Introduction to Law and Legal Skills J. Barnard-Naude, L.J. Kotze. Labour law rules! Siber Ink. Politics A. Heywood. The Law of Contract in South Africa D. Hutchison, C. Pretorius. The Law of Succession in South Africa J. Jamneck, C. Rautenbach. View all for Law and Public Service Jura Studium an der Universität Bremen und der University of Liverpool. Ergänzt wurden diese Studien durch kürzere Aufenthalte - z.T. verbunden mit Gefängnishospitationen - in England (LSE/ HMP Brixton) und den Niederlanden (RU Groningen/ Groot Bankenbosch, Veenhuizen) sowie am Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law. Nach dem Studium u.a. Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Bremer Institut für Kriminalpolitik/ Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft der Universität Bremen und der. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen • Bachelor Psychology. Latest uploads for Bachelor Psychology at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Looking for Bachelor Psychology notes at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen? We have lots of notes, study guides and study notes available for Bachelor Psychology at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. 1486 Documents; 44 Flashcards.

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MASTER AND MORE: Alle Infos zum Masterstudium. International Commercial Law - University of Groningen in Groningen, Niederland Global Sustainability Science is an interdisciplinary and international Bachelor's programme. In this programme you learn how to develop solutions to sustainability issues. The programme will equip you to make a meaningful contribution to our planet The University of Groningen has a rich academic tradition dating back to 1614. From this tradition arose the first female student and the first female lecturer in the Netherlands, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Central Bank. Geographically, the University is rooted in the Northern part of the Netherlands, a region very close to its heart

Law Bachelor MBA Previous education A university Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management or equivalent degree. A special pre-master program is available for holders of a technical Dutch HBO or WO Bachelor's degree in the field of engineering. International diploma Specific requirements More information Additional subject We always ask you to have: A thesis/final project. University of Groningen About the University of Groningen. The University of Groningen is a top 100 research university with a global outlook. We are currently ranked 80th on the Times Higher Education ranking and offer over 30 English-taught Bachelor's programmes and over 125 Master's programmes.Founded in 1614, the university is one of the oldest research universities in the Netherlands Bachelor: Professionalisierungsprogramme für Studierende mit außerschulischem Berufsziel - Zwei-Fächer-Bachelor ; Bachelor: Professionalisierungsprogramme für Studierende mit dem Berufsziel Lehramt - Fach-Bachelor

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  1. The application for the LL.M., Diploma, and Certificate in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Program is now open for Summer Semester 2020 and Winter Semester 2020-21 . The application deadline for the Summer Semester class is January 15 (extended), 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CET for non-visa holders and February 15 (extended), 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CET for visa holders. Summer Semester.
  2. University of Groningen, Groningen. Gefällt 100.205 Mal · 302 Personen sprechen darüber · 23.969 waren hier. Over 400 years of passion and performance -..
  3. Degree Bachelor Diploma Master Teacher Training PhD/Doctoral Programmes Supplementary Language German English Subjects * All Humanities and cultural sciences Engineering Sciences Natural Sciences Law Social and economic sciences Theology Interdisciplinary study programme
  4. LLB Groningen Bachelor of Laws programme Groningen at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  5. The Groningen Journal of International Law is anticipating your submissions for its Student Writing Competition 2019! This year the competition is open to Bachelor and Master students enrolled at the University of Groningen. The article can be on a topic of international law of your choice; but must maintain quality in research and writing, diversit
  6. The cost of tuition for the bachelor's programs is around 9,228 USD per year. Those who wish to get their master's degree here should be ready to spend at least 14,995 USD per year. The university has a variety of scholarship programs that students can take part in. More information about tuition fees and admission requirements can be found on the official website of the universit
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  1. Groningen is located in the north of the Netherlands, approximately 2 ½ hours from Amsterdam airport by train. Groningen has around 200,000 inhabitants and around 50,000 of them are students at the two main universities. Groningen is famous within the Netherlands for being a student town. It is perhaps most famous internationally as World Cycling City, the only place in the world where as many as 57% of all journeys are made by bicycle. The presence of so many students in Groningen.
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  3. If you're looking for a bachelor's degree programme, then you've come to the right place at THUAS. We have over 65 bachelor's degree programmes which vary in type and length. Most of them are four-year programmes, though some can be shortened to three years of study. A considerable number are taught in English. The variant that best suits you depends on your preferences and previous education. At the end of your journey, you'll be awarded a university of applied sciences diploma
  4. Explore the University of Helsinki's bachelor's and master's programmes. This page provides links to all English-language degree programmes. The list has our one bachelor's and all the master's programmes alphabetised according to faculty. If you are interested in studying in Swedish- or in Finnish-language programmes, change the language from from the upper right corner of the page
  5. Bei einem Bachelor-Studium von sechs Semestern ergeben sich so 180 LP. Zur Prüfungsleistung gehört eine (wissenschaftliche) Abschlussarbeit, die Bachelorarbeit. In einigen Bachelor-Studiengängen ist bis zum Ende des zweiten Semesters eine Orientierungsprüfung abzulegen. Die akademische Prüfung nach einer Regelstudienzeit von sechs Semestern schließt das Studium ab. Zur Prüfungsleistung gehört eine (wissenschaftliche) Abschlussarbeit, die Bachelorarbeit
  6. Ja, dieses Bachelor-Date findet AUF einem Schwimmbecken statt: Griesert mit Michèle (Mitte) und Nadine. Quelle: TVNow/Foto: TVNOW. So viel Offenheit, so früh in der Staffel, das ist neu.

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Während meines Bachelors International Relations and International Organization im niederländischen Groningen wurde dann das Seminar Criminality and Security angeboten. Es ging um Jugendkriminalität, die Perspektiven von Tätern und Opfern und die Frage, wie Staaten Kriminalität bekämpfen. Die Dozentin war großartig, und ich fand das alles unglaublich interessant. Da wusste ich: Das will ich später mal machen Our law degree, known as an LLB or Bachelor of Laws, is equivalent to a BA or BSc. If your career aspiration is to be a solicitor or barrister in the UK, this degree is perfect for you as it is recognised as a Qualifying Law Degree. And if you have set your sights on a career in politics, business, or journalism our Qualifying Law Degree, with the transferrable skills it gives you, is an excellent launch pad for these ambitions and more. With our professionally focused qualification, you can. Bachelor Programs (UG) Find out about Bacherlor Programs available in University of Groningen. Arts & Humanities. American Studies. Arts, Culture & Media. English Language and Culture. European Languages & Cultures. For the Dutch-taught bachelor programmes we aim to inform you about your admissibility in two weeks. For the English-taught programmes it differs per programme. Please consult the programme page of the programme of your choice to find more information on the application procedures

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Top Bachelor of Laws Program in National Law Studies in Groningen in Netherlands. favorite favorite_outline. Sign In. Register. My Account. Law Master PhD Bachelor MBA Healthcare Courses Online List your programs keyboard_arrow_left. Bachelor of Laws Master of Laws PhD Juris Doctor Course MLS SJD Certificate Diploma Online Degrees Universities Scholarships Resources Bachelor of Laws Master of. Bachelor-/Diplomstudien; Masterstudien; Lehramtsstudien; Deutschnachweise; Studienwechsel; Zusätzliche Studien; Abgang/Schließen von Studien; Wiederaufnahme; Fristen für Studien ohne Aufnahme-/Eignungsverfahren; Beurlaubung; Mitbelegung; Außerordentliches Studium; Studienberechtigungsprüfung - Studieren ohne Matura; Informationen für Asylwerber*innen; Zusatzprüfunge

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Bachelors. Are you looking for a bachelor's programme at a world-class Dutch university? Leiden University offers 45 bachelor's programmes in Leiden and 7 bachelor's programmes in The Hague: you're certain to find one that suits you Bachelor's programmes. Discover our English-taught Bachelor's programmes - we have over 20 different three-year programmes. View all programmes Das Studium ist daher interdisziplinär angelegt und bezieht Wissen aus den Bereichen Naturwissenschaft, Ingenieurwissenschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft, Umwelt, Recht, Wirtschaft und Kultur ein. Der Bachelorstudiengang richtet sich an Studierende, denen ein Fachstudium als zu enger Horizont erscheint. Im Rahmen des Studiums soll anhand realer Problemstellungen disziplinenübergreifendes Denken erlernt werden. Die erworbenen Problemlösungsstrategien werden auf komplexe Fragen aus. Das Studium an dem Hanse Law School genannten Gemeinschaftsprojekt werde nach drei Jahren mit dem Titel Bachelor of Laws oder nach vier Jahren mit Titel Master of Laws.

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Der Bachelor dauert insgesamt 6 bis 7 Semester. Dabei hast Du die Möglichkeit, in Vollzeit oder in Teilzeit , also neben dem Job, zu studieren. Während Deines Studiums besuchst Du verschiedene Seminare, Vorlesungen und Sprachkurse Jo-Ann DAWSON of University of Groningen, Groningen (RUG) | Contact Jo-Ann DAWSO University Student at University of Groningen - Bachelor in International and European Law Law, Economics and Governance; Media, Arts, Culture and History; Multidisciplinary Studies; Religion and Philosophy; Science; Previously viewed. Be the first to know! - Bachelor's Open Days. The next Bachelor's Open Days will take place this fall. Make sure to set a reminder and get an invitation when registrations for the event open later this year. Remind me. Coronavirus: What's new. in the. Mache den E-Check und erhalte jetzt einen Einblick in die Eignung für das Studium deiner Wahl. Jetzt zum E-check. Mache eine virtuelle Campustour! Mit unserer digitalen Campustour kannst du den Campus der Radboud University erkunden. Entdecke die modernen Gebäude und die schöne grüne Umgebung! youtube . Niederländisch lernen. Gute Niederländisch-Sprachkenntnisse sind eine.

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University of Groningen in Netherlands. Get all info about the school, programs and application process. Save time and contact the school here! Sign In. Register. My Account. Master PhD Law Bachelor MBA Healthcare Courses Online For Institutions arrow_drop_down. Online Marketing Student Recruitment Promote Your Study Programs keyboard_arrow_left. Master Degrees Masters of Science Masters of. Fach-Bachelor Comparative and European Law (Bachelor) > Module ; Ansprechpartner/-in: Modulverantwortung. Volker Boehme-Neßler ; Weitere verantwortliche Personen: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hoogers (Universität Groningen) Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: Kompetenzziele: Die Studierenden verstehen die einzelnen Grundrechte des deutschen Verfassungsrechts und haben die Fähigkeit, Fälle auf diesem.

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Voraussetzungen für das Master-Studium Internationales Recht. Für ein Master-Studium im Bereich Internationales Recht ist in erster Linie ein Hochschulabschluss auf mindestens Bachelor-Niveau in Internationales Recht oder einer äquivalenten Rechtswissenschaft von mindestens sechs Semestern Regelstudienzeit erforderlich. Master-Studiengänge, die eine Regelstudienzeit des Bachelor-Studiums von sieben Semestern verlangen, bieten in der Regel die Möglichkeit eines zusätzlichen, dem. Studying in Holland There are many reasons for choosing to study in the Netherlands. Dutch higher education has a strong reputation worldwide thanks to a national system of strict regulation and quality assurance; Most Dutch people speak English, so it's easy to communicate; All universities belong to the top 200 of the world; Holland is a clean, comfortable, safe place to liv The University of Groningen was founded in 1614. Today, the university is a classical, general university offering more than fifty different fields of study. No other university in the Netherlands offers such an extensive a range of subjects. The University of Groningen comprises the following eleven faculties: Theology and Religious Studies, Law, Medical Sciences, Science and Engineering. Bachelor en Sciences de l'Éducation . English, French, German, Luxembourgish . Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives . French, German . A continuous education variant is also available: Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Educatives en cours d'emploi . French, German . Bachelor en Enseignement Musical . French, German, Luxembourgish, Englis

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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and The Faculty of Law Groningen Programme of professional study: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Faculty of Educational Sciences Groningen Bachelor: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies Groningen Bachelor and Master: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Department of Psychology Groningen Bachelor, Master and Programme of. Ricardo Brehme-Roy Universität Bremen Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Prof. Schmid Zentrum für Europäische Rechtspolitik ZER Bachelor of Law UZH (RVO21) Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics. Bachelor of Arts UZH Business and Economics (RVO16) Bachelor of Science UZH in Informatics (RVO16) Faculty of Medicine. Bachelor of Dental Medicine; Bachelor of Medicine; Faculty of Arts. Bachelor of Arts (Bologna 2020) Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (Bologna 2020) Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Bologna 2020. University of Groningen - Studium in den Niederlande . Studium in den Niederlanden: University of Groningen in Groningen - Übersicht der Studiengänge und Infos zum Studium in den Niederlanden ; Goedendag! Medizin studieren in Oldenburg und Groningen. In ganz Deutschland ist das Medizinstudium im Wandel. Viele Universitäten haben den Medizinstudiengang. Die Fakultät VI Medizin und.

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